Lawn Installation Doxa Deo Hartbeespoort Pre Primary

Doxa Deo pre-primary Hartbeespoort. The lawn for the play area was installed some time before the image was taken. Under pressure we had 3 days to clear the area and install the 2000sqm lawn. Thankfully we had the help of an earth works masjine to assist us in clearing the area.

The grass was supplied by Eco Organics.

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Tips on installing new lawn

Soil preparation is very important. Clear the area of existing grass, weeds, large stones etc.  Have a proper look at the soil condition. If it’s well leached it might be a good idea to lay down a 2 to 3 cm layer of new top soil or a landscaper mix (top soil mixed with compost). If the soil looks manageable you can work in some compost and mix with the soil. This will enrich the soil and help to retain water.

Tilt and loosen the soil to a depth of around 10cm. This will encourage better root growth and help to establish the grass. Remember the roots are the base of any plant. Healthy roots stimulates good top growth.

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Rake out and level the soil. Don’t step or walk unnecessarily over the prepared area. You want a loosened but firm surface to lay the new lawn over. Sprinkle water over the area. You don’t want to waterlog the area just enough to dampen the area.

Now is the time to sprinkle your fertiliser over the prepared area. We generally use Super phosphate from wonder but if you don’t have dogs you can also apply bonemeal. It’s important that the fertiliser comes in direct contact with the roots. This will stimulate and encourage good root growth.

Now that the soil preparation has been done it’s time to lay the lawn. This is the easiest process of the whole installation. Just ensure that they are tightly  packed and firmed down. Depending on the area and weather conditions it is a good idea to water the already layed areas as you progress. Just use your average run of the mill hosepipe and sprinkle head and shift it along. It will save time.

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Once layed make sure the whole area has been watered thoroughly and roll with a grass roller. If you don’t have one you can pop in at your local plant and tool hire company. They usually have in stock. You can rent a roller for less that R100 per day.

The roller helps to even out the area and to roll out air pockets. I believe in a lot of water the first 2 days. Afterwards I’ll wet-test the soil with my finger. I only then water if the top layer of soil has dried out.


After the first cut it is a good idea to top dress the soil. We use a 50/50 landscaper mix. 50 parts top soil and 50 parts fine compost.  This helps to level out uneven areas and gives the grass a boost. After the dressing you’ll immediately start seeing the grass turning that healthy dark green colour –  Look at pic above

Keep grass moist and regularly fertilise, once every 4 to 5 weeks will do. Weed maintenance is important so remove weeds and wild grass such as couch grass on a weekly basis.

Happy Gardening…

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