Numida Park No 1

Creating interest with bold patterns and levels 

This roadside garden was designed using basic design principles  to utilise the small space to its maximum. We designed the space using a 3 semi circle pattern. The design is bold and striking using areas of different levels to create space and interest. The design could easily be utilised in many different areas and ways.

The two sloping semi circles on the sides was raised 1M of ground level and perfectly frames the accent point which is a cascading water fountain painted deep red for contrast.

The centre semi circle was raised by about 70 cm of the ground and hold firm by a gabion structure. The gabion was constructed out of galvanised mesh and slate stone from the area.

The lawn and bedding area was rounded of with 100mm×100mm cobbles stone from Ascot stones. The lawn was supplied by Peet of Rooiberg instant lawn.

The bedding area consists of Hemerocallis Day Lilies in front of the centre semi circle. Against the boundary wall we planted white Iceberg Standards and pink Rina Hugo standard roses. The Rina Hugo roses starts of dark pink and as the flowers mature it turns to a burgundy colour.  Front of the bedding we planted a Durantha Sheena’s Gold hedge and for a decorative fill in plants we planted Gaura at the back.

The design is bold and dramatic using simple design elements to create interest. The plant combination is less is more (repeating a few plants through the whole design).

The plants was supplied by Coderosa.

The space is fully irrigated.





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