Last garden in Harties- Acacia Street Xanadu

Creative inspirations recently moved from Harties to Yzerfontein. Here’s some pics of our last garden we did in Harties. Thanks Ashley we had good time working with you guys.

Ashley’s brief was simple -a Formal garden that will compliment the architecture of the house.


Formal designs align itself with symmetry, straight lines and repetition. Here James is busy planting the Viburnum Sinenses  hedge.


We used a three tier design, very common in formal designs. Double hedging- The large leaved viburnum at the back and the finer leaved Duranta sheena’s gold is the front hedge. visually the green and lime colours creates a nice contrast. Leave texture also plays an important role here.  Here (top picture) Auswin is busy planting the sheena’s gold.


Planting finished- the three tier design is finished off with Festuca’s, the ornamental grass in front of the Sheena’s gold. The line of festucas will soften the hard edges of the hard hedge lines together with the cobble stone edging.

In this design the African olives provides some height in the background and also screens of the neighbouring  houses. To compliment the Tuscan architecture we planted a line of white standard Icebergs and the red Satchmo Roses. This also becomes part of the decorative framework and fills up the medium height space.

The square planter boxes we created with the viburnums around the olive trees are not so evident in the pictures but creates some further interest. Inside these boxes we planted Gaura lindheimerii ”Butterfly bush” which also softens the edges and creates some movement in the design as the it sways back and forth in the wind.









The braai entertainment and seating area…



From the balcony- the Entertainment area. The grass received a top dressing to even out any bumps that was left after the installation. Note lovely views of the mountains…!


Three huge pots creating not only an accent point when you drive up the driveway but also devides the driveway from the garden area. Use pots always in uneven numbers…



We decided to make a big rose bed to compliment the 3 pots.  On the pic above we are busy planting white and Pink Iceberg Floribundas. Later we decided to plant so some filler plants just to cover the bare soil for the time being.

Usually a garden installation like this one takes us a around 2 weeks to install and can take about 2 years (except for the trees) to reach a mature stage. Formal Tuscan designs use strong and bold lines and colour and has a less is more feeling. This garden design is relatively low maintenance…



















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